Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones That Work

Kidney stones are caused due to presence of solid substances in the urine. These solid substances get crystallized forming stones. Stones often move down the ureters or tubes to the bladder and block the outlet, thereby stopping the passage of urine through the urethra.

This results in swelling of kidneys and excruciating pain in abdomen or groin. The formation of stones may lead to passage of blood in urine and severe dehydration. Kidney stones are referred to as renal calculi, and the condition is referred to as nephrolithiasis. There can be several types of kidney stones: calcium stones are formed when calcium solidifies along with other substances like oxalate, phosphate or carbonate. This is the most common form of kidney stone. Cystine stones are common in people suffering from cystinuria. Struvite stones and uric acid stones are the other two types.


1. Heredity
2. Reduced fluid intake
3. Strenuous exercise
4. Diseases of small intestine
5. Ileal bypass for obesity
6. Bowel disease
7. Renal tubule defects
8. Urinary tract infection
9. Gout
10. Diabetes
11. Hyperparathyroidism
12. High blood pressure
13. Chemotherapy
14. Pregnancy
15. Elevated uric acid levels
16. High salt diet
17. High consumption of sugar
18. Medications like protease inhibitors


1. Abdominal pain
2. Groin pain
3. Testicle pain
4. Abnormal urine color
5. Blood in urine
6. Nausea and vomiting
7. Chills
8. Fever

Home Remedies

1. One may take a mixture of one teaspoon basil leaf juice and honey to flush out stones from kidney.

2. Intake of celery juice restricts the formation of stones.

3. Fresh apple or cider juice is excellent home remedy for treating the problem of kidney stones.

4. Grapes are notable for their diuretic property. They have high water and potassium salt content and low sodium chloride and albumin content. Grapes help to maintain a healthy kidney.

5. Watermelon too has high water and potassium salt content, and can function as an effective diuretic substance or food item.

6. A mixture of one tablespoon pomegranate seed paste and a cup of horse gram can effectively dissolve kidney stones.

7. A glass of tomato juice with a pinch of salt and pepper helps one maintain a sound kidney health

8. A cup of radish leaves juice reduces the risk of stone formation in the kidneys.

9. One may boil two figs in a cup of water and drink the water in empty stomach. This is a good home remedy for kidney stones.

10. One may boil chopped kidney beans in water, strain and allow the water to cool, and then drink it as frequently as possible. This treatment dissolves the kidney stones.

11. Vitamin A intake strengthens urinary system and checks stone formation.

12. More and more water should be taken.

13. Dairy products, chocolates and pastries, and alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided.

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